Our online tutoring service, based in the UK, is perfect for international students or students who prefer to be tutored online.  We offer online tuition packages to support a range of subjects.

Lumos Education online tutoring

Online tuition offers flexible support for both you and your family. For users based abroad or living in rural parts of the UK, online tutoring can be beneficial. Our online tutors offer the same high quality service as our in-person tuition.  We have several reliable online platforms to make the process run smoothly.  

Why Lumos online tutoring?

Both up to date online technology and easy access to the best online learning materials ensure that your child benefits from focused tuition.  Our tutors are subject specialists and trained in- house to provide the best possible learning experience.  

Your son or daughter is able to see and talk to their tutor throughout the tutorial. They can also send through their work via email for marking. Parents are able to access the details of each lesson online. Plus detailed reports are prepared on your child’s progress. 

Tailored tutoring programmes 

We offer tailored tutoring programmes for your child. Programmes can be designed to prepare your child for school or university entrance. Or to give extra support for GCSE, IB and A level exams.  

To discuss how we can help with online tutoring

Online tutoring clients

Your tutor helped me in my final year of A levels studying English online at home. The quality of tutoring was outstanding with the tutor giving 100 per cent support, even outside of the allotted tutoring time. A few years down the line, I am in my final year of university studying English Literature. I wouldn’t be here without your help.