We offer expert advice on the best-fit schools for families living or relocating anywhere in the world.  With a trusted network of education consultants in every country, Lumos Education is able to provide a personalised service to all our relocating clients.  We work with individual families and relocation companies to provide the Best Global Education Placements.   With an in-depth knowledge of all global education systems, and how they relate one another, we can advise on:

  • School and Kindergarten/ Nursery Placements

The best-fit school or kindergarten for your child, in either private or state/public schools anywhere in the globe.  We and our global education consultants work closely with international schools, local schools, boarding schools and alternative schools, such as Steiner and Montessori schools.  We also have strong links with bilingual schools worldwide.  

  • Special Education Needs

Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) students may be gifted or talented or may have learning or physical challenges.  Lumos Education’s network of consultants includes SEN professionals with many years’ experience in their field.  They are uniquely placed to evaluate  education psychologists’ or speech therapists’ reports and make informed judgements about the best possible placements for SEN students.  

  • University Planning 

Our consultants will always consider your child’s long-term education and future career path, when advising your family.  This will include which universities you will be considering for your child, whether these be in the US, UK, Europe or another region.  We understand which school leaving qualifications would be appropriate for each university and will help you plan accordingly.

  • Private Tuition Programmes

Lumos Education has a network of highly qualified tutors who are able to deliver both in-person and online tuition world-wide.  Tuition can be in any subject including language training for relocating families.  For children preparing for school or university entrance exams, tuition also includes 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ entrance for UK schools, and SAT and ACT preparation for US colleges.  In additional, we have a trusted group of tutors who will prepare your child for Oxford and Cambridge University entrance exams which generally take place in November of each year prior to Oxbridge interviews in December.  

  • Education in Remote Locations 

If a company move necessitates a family or families relocating to an area where suitable schools are not available, Lumos Education will design a customised education solution.  This service is highly bespoke and can be arranged for a small family or larger groups of families involved in a corporate move.  The education provision designed will be based on the age and number of children as well as their nationalities and any school or university exam requirements.   Example solutions have included online learning, provision of specialist resident tutors who will live near the family, boarding school recommendations and partnerships with local schools.  Lumos Education has an excellent network of resident tutors who are experienced in delivering specialist home-schooling programmes which involve a whole spectrum of activities such as yoga, sport and music lessons.  

At Lumos Education, we have been successfully helping relocating families for many years.  We work closely with parents, corporates and schools to deliver a child and family-focused service.  For more information, please contact us.