Caring for your children at school or university in the UK 

Guardianship for international students

We provide an exclusive education guardianship service, designed for international students attending UK universities or boarding schools. Our bespoke service is tailored to your child’s needs, ensuring unrivalled support for both your child and your family.

Why Lumos Education guardianship?

As a small company, we are able to take a personal interest in the happiness and well-being of all our students. We give children the best possible care. As parents ourselves, we would always do what we would wish for our own children, particularly if they were abroad. Our approach means that your child always has someone nearby, providing focused care and attention. Where possible, our senior consultants personally attend all children’s parents’ evenings. With our in-depth knowledge of the UK education system, we are able to advise on your children’s subject and university choices. We liaise closely with your child’s teachers and interpret school reports for parents.

Strong relationships

Our role is to create a strong working relationship between you, as parents, and your child’s school or university. If required, we also find the right host family to look after your child during holidays and exeat weekends.  We understand that communication across time zones is hard. And also that communicating in an unfamiliar language can be stressful for parents. With our support, you can be confident that your child is safe and well cared for. Our Education Guardianship service puts you and your family first.  

Comprehensive education guardianship

We offer a high level of education guardianship service which is entirely bespoke. You can choose which aspects will help us to best support your child at school or university. One option is our Comprehensive Guardianship Service which includes:

Emergency support

24- hour emergency call during term-time, emergency arrangements including medical sickness.

Focus on your child’s well-being

We ensure that your child settles well into school or university, liaise with parents, tutors and school teachers. We visit your child frequently. We also attend school parents’ evenings or meetings with university tutors.

Host family arrangements

Arrangement of the best host families and monitoring of your child whilst they are staying with the host family.

Academic support

We arrange additional private school or university tuition and academic support, if your child needs guidance on how to plan dissertations and essays. In addition, we will organise tutoring in the school or university holidays.

Transport arrangements

We arrange airport, train and coach transport and transfers to and from school and your child’s host family

General assistance

We provide mobile and SIM top ups and guidance on school or university selection. We will also purchase laptops or other items on your child’s behalf such as school uniform.

As part of our education guardianship service, we also offer mentoring should your child need additional emotional support and encouragement.