At Lumos Education, we design bespoke cultural programmes for both individuals and corporates. Our thoughtfully prepared and in-depth cultural support helps families and individuals to successfully negotiate their new office and school environments.  Well-supported relocating clients ensures a more relaxing transition to their new country. All cultural programmes are accompanied bylanguage tuition, if needed. 

Easing your Transition to Life in the UK


Cultural programmes ease your transition to life in the UK.  All Lumos Education cultural programmes are individually designed to reflect your needs and requirements.  Cultural support is delivered by our experience and multi-lingual consultants.  Many work placements fail because the client or their family has not been properly prepared for life in their new country.  Our cultural programmes ensure a successful transfer and, depending on your requirements, can include:

Settling into a new workplace

  • Advice on negotiating British workplace politics
  • Managing the British team
  •  UK office friendship
  • How the British socialise during and after work
  • Working hours in the UK

Managing the transition to a new community and school


  • Soothing your child’s fears about relocating
  • Preparing your child for their first day at school
  • Playdates
  • Helping your child to make new friends
  • Helping you, as a parent, integrate into a UK school community

Cultural Programmes Aftercare Support


To complement our bespoke cultural programmes, Lumos Education offer aftercare support packages to ensure that the client and their family settle successfully in the UK.  The most commonly given reason for failure of an assignee placement, is the inability of their family to integrate into their schools and communities.  After the initial excitement and enjoyable feeling of being a tourist wears off, many families suffer from the impact of culture shock and loneliness.  The Lumos Education aftercare programmes ensure that families are fully supported, by their own experienced and multi-lingual consultant, after their relocation.  Families are always assisted by the consultant/s who have delivered their initial cultural programme, to ensure continuity and a close rapport. Depending on the family’s requirement, cultural programmes may include:

• Resolution of any schooling issues for the accompanying children

• Help with any language issues

• Work on resolving any cultural issues which arise during the first year.

• Advising the accompanying spouse on finding a job post (where applicable) or on starting his or her own business in their new country. This includes support with filling in job applications and applying for business grants, where needed.  

• Revisiting thelanguage programme to ascertain whether the family may need additional help.  This is particularly relevant for children becomingbi-lingual, who will need to maintain a written grasp of their own mother tongue, in parallel with learning the language of their new country.  

• Continued, in-depth support on a cultural, linguistic, personal and business basis for the whole family

• Introducing key contacts to help the family’s network expand

To discuss our cultural programmes in more detail, please contact us. 

What our clients say about our Cultural Programmes

Very credible, current, informative, relevant and to the point – timely and we all enjoyed the session. We would definitely use you again!