Supporting Your Relocation


We understand that relocating to another country can be challenging, especially with children, who are particularly sensitive to changes in their schedule and education. We aim to make your relocation to the UK as smooth as possible. As specialist education consultants, we put your family first, arranging the best possible school or university for your child.

Education Advice

We offer a bespoke education advice service for both individuals and families relocating both to the UK and globally.  This can take the form of advice prior to your move. Providing guidance on both British and international education systems, we can recommend the schools or universities best suited to your child and steer you through the application process.  Our specialist knowledge of global education systems enables us to help your family navigate the move from one education system to another.  

Support for Expatriates

We are experts in advocating for expatriate and international families. Our wealth of experience allows us to deliver sensitive and expert education and cultural support.  

Our Relocation Support Services include:

  • School Relocation Service
  • Pre-relocation academic assessment
  • University advice and application
  • Homeschooling programmes
  • British tutoring 
  • Intensive English tuition
  • Bespoke cultural programmes 

Your Relocation, Your Choice

We work closely with each individual client to determine which option will suit you and your needs. Our cultural programmes aim to ensure that your move to the UK is smooth and successful.  Our school and university support allows you to find the right education solution for your child.

School Relocation Service

Our school advice service will help you find the best school for your child. You may opt for an international school with other expat pupils, or if you are relocating to a capital city like London or New York, you may prefer to keep your children within your native education system, helping them to acclimatise more quickly. Be this the US education system, the French education system, the British education system or any other, our expert consultants are familiar with all aspects of international education.

Pre-Relocation assessment

An in-depth assessment of your child allows us to ascertain their academic level and pinpoint areas which may need support. Assessments can help us to advise you on how to bridge the gap between education systems, making the transition as smooth as possible.

University advice and application

British university application procedures can seem lengthy and confusing. If you are relocating with older children, our consultants can advise on all aspects of this process, including school subject choice, preparing UCAS applications and writing personal statements.

Advanced homeschooling programmes

We offer intensive homeschooling programmes to enable your child to settle gently into their new country. This is particularly useful to enable them to adjust to their new home before commencing school, or while on a school waiting list. Our intensive homeschooling programmes also allow your child to reach the right academic level for British school entry and to feel confident in the next stage of their academic journey.

Intensive English tuition

Tuition can be essential to prepare your family before your transition to the UK.  We arrange for intensive English tuition for both you and your children. Our EFL tutors can provide online tailored intensive English courses to suit your needs, ensuring that you are fully prepared for your move. Tutoring can be continued once you are in UK.  

Cultural programmes

Our cultural programmes are perfect for supporting your UK relocation.  They help smooth your transition to the UK.


Relocation support clients

We moved to London for my husband’s academic sabbatical. We needed help familiarising ourselves with the British education system. The team at Lumos were perfect: they left no stone unturned. More importantly, we really felt that you got to know us as a family and understood our daughter’s specific needs.