Lumos Academic Assessment 

Our rigorous academic assessment service helps us to build a clear picture of your child’s abilities. The assessment enables us to form an overall picture of your child’s strengths. It also sheds light on their talents and any areas of development.

What makes our assessment different?

We test your child’s current ability and their potential. This helps to us to see which schools your child should be aiming for. If your family is relocating to the UK, an academic assessment will help us decide how we can best support your child. It will enable us to plan their entry into the British school system. If you are relocating outside the UK, our assessment helps to see how we can support your child’s transfer to a new academic system. It allows us to base any tuition programme around the academic needs and goals of your child.

How we tailor our assessment

Our academic assessments are entirely bespoke.  The content of the assessment will vary depending on the age and stage of your child. If you are applying for a school place, for example, the assessment will include English, Maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. If your child is studying for A levels, we will assess their ability in their chosen subjects.  For parents overseas, academic assessments can be carried online.  For children with special needs, our Special Academic Needs Consultant, Chris, will conduct the assessment and liaise with our education psychologist partners if necessary.  

Academic assessment report

After the academic assessment, we will prepare a detailed report for you. We meet with you to discuss the findings of the report and how best to support your child to achieve their goals successfully.

Benefits of an academic assessment

There are many benefits to our assessment. The service is perfect for preparing your child for schools and universities both in UK and overseas.  It helps you to gain a good understanding of their abilities early. This can allow us to prepare the perfect tailored tutoring for their needs. 

Book an assessment

Our assessments are easy to arrange. Please get in touch with us using the information below, or on our contact page. We will schedule a call with you to discuss how we can design the best assessment for your child.