Lumos Education operates a clear policy of client confidentiality. This policy relates to all information clients provide to Lumos Education and all data that Lumos Education holds on its clients.

Data we hold on clients

Once we have agreed to work with a client, we will request details such as your name, email address, address, telephone number, your child’s name, your child’s date of birth and your child’s educational background.  This data would only be shared with parties employed by Lumos Education and with your agreement, tutors working with your child.  With your permission, these details may also be shared with schools to which your children are applying.  Under no circumstances would Lumos Education pass this data on to third parties.  Lumos Education tutors have a clear code of client confidentiality written into their contracts which requires that they safeguard the privacy of families with whom they work.

Monthly correspondence 

We publish a monthly newsletter, comprising news from our company and key education updates, for our clients which is sent by email.  If a client no longer wishes to receive this, we immediately remove them from the subscription.  We would never disclose clients’ email addresses to other companies.

Client testimonials

We ask our clients for testimonials and feedback to help us to improve the services that we offer at Lumos Education.  We would only publish testimonials on our website with prior agreement from clients. With permission, we would credit a testimonial with a client’s name, but on request, a testimonial may remain anonymous.

Client case studies

With a client’s permission, we may publish their case study on our site, to help potential clients to see whether our services might be suitable for their family.