Finding the best school for your child

The Lumos school advice service enables us to advise on the best school for your child. A school that will allow them to excel and be happy. We take time to advise on selection and admissions procedures, concentrating on finding the perfect match for your child. Whether this be an independent (private) school, state (free) school, international or boarding school. Our approach is always child-focused and we listen carefully to their feedback. We include them in every stage of the process, ensuring that we find the best school possible.

School connections

We have established links to Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and to many leading schools both in the UK and globally. These include boarding schools, London day schools and international schools. Through our school advice service, we can help you and your family to work through the numerous choices available.

Why our school advice service?

We take the time to get to know your child to ensure that we find the right school for your their needs.  We have an in-depth knowledge of school entrance and application requirements.  With our connections to leading schools in London, throughout the UK and globally, we can arrange school visits for you and your family.   Our expert tutors are available to help prepare your child for school entrance exams, if required.  

Finding the best school

When considering a school for your child, it is useful to have advice from someone who has real insight into a school’s culture, academic life and pastoral care. Schools can alter very quickly from year to year, due to staff and policy changes. At Lumos Education, we keep on top of these factors so we that are able to give the best possible support to our clients.

School advice service options

Our School Advice Service is not a one size fits all approach. We offer a variety of options tailored to your family’s requirements. Whether you want an hour’s schools advice or a full School Placement Service, our experts are here to help.

To discuss how we can help with school advice

What our clients say about our school advice service

Johanna is a person of sound judgement and integrity. She did some excellent education consultancy work for our young family in London and comes highly recommended.