The Harrodian School

Harrodian School

The Harrodian is the London equivalent of Bedales. About as hip a school as you will find, pupils are encouraged to interact with their teachers informally; this can make for rather raucous lessons, but it seems to get results. The school is heavily competitive to get into (there is one place for every five applicants), however once you’re in you’re in, and the school’s nurturing ethos means that students say they feel as though they are part of a vast family. Founded in 1993 the school focuses on high standards without undue pressure and there is a good mix of British and international students.

The Harrodian’s sports department is really beginning to come into its own. The schedule is cram packed with fixtures: other teams love coming to play on their beautiful games pitches. Like so much of the school, the sports department is inclusive. All are welcome to come and get involved in all manner of activities.
PE is also taught very well as an academic option for GCSE and a level; with those taking it being the envy of the school as they sally forth to the pitches while others are stuck inside. An outstanding drama department reflects the influence upon the school by many of the students’ showbiz parents.