The best US schools in London

For our US clients relocating from the US or other parts of the globe, it’s useful to know the best London US school options.  Here we give a break down of the London schools which offer the American curriculum.   

There are two main American schools in London: The American School in London (ASL) and the American International School in England (TASIS), as well as a number of other international schools which offer fantastic options for American families looking to relocate to London.

The American School in London (ASL)

ASL is the only school in central London to offer solely the US curriculum to its students. The American School in London is co-educational and offers education from ages 4 through 18. It is located in St John’s Wood, an affluent, leafy neighbourhood near the world-famous Regent’s Park and a mere 20 minutes on the tube from Trafalgar Square.

The senior leadership (SLT) and admissions teams are excellent, and an experienced staffing network caters to children with a wide array of academic and personal needs. Results at the school excellent.  Each year ASL sees a strong student cohort heading to Ivy League universities.

ASL has been rated ‘outstanding’ across all areas by the UK Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED). Students and parents alike continuously praise its welcoming atmosphere and the ease with which international students are integrated into the school community. ASL has a truly global outlook, catering to students from over 50 different nationalities.

However, due to the school’s success, and its position as the only central school to offer the US curriculum, competition is high. The application process is rigorous, and we strongly advise applying early.

The American International School in England (TASIS)

Located in Surrey, a county on the outskirts of Greater London, TASIS offers its students a very different, but equally fantastic, setting to its ASL counterpart. The school provides a beautiful rural campus and a plethora of sporting and artistic facilities. 

TASIS offers the American curriculum, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. It is co-educational and offers its day places to students aged 3-18 and boarding opportunities from aged 14. Around 50% of its student body are American passport holders. 

After graduating, approximately 50% of students go on to higher education in the US, with the majority of those remaining opting for British, European or other worldwide university destinations. 

TASIS has a strong, supportive parent community, which is great for relocating families looking to find their niche.   

ACS Group of Schools

Comprising three excellent schools: ACS Hillingdon; ACS Egham; ACS Cobham, located across the London suburbs, the ACS group offer both the IB diploma and the traditional American High School Diploma. ACS Cobham and ACS Hillingdon also offer the US Advanced Placement (AP) courses. 

All three of the schools offer excellent educational opportunities in a warm and caring environment. For those families living in the city, ACS Hillingdon, ACS Egham and ACS Cobham provide shuttle bus services to their campuses from central London areas such as Notting Hill and Chelsea. 

ACS schools are known for providing their education on campuses that boast green space and a thriving community feel. The group of schools welcomes students from over 100 countries, giving them a wonderfully diverse, international feel.   ACS Cobham has a huge campus, much like a college.  ACS Cobham also offers boarding.

The senior leadership teams at the ACS schools takes their role as a diverse international destination seriously, with great care being taken to ensure a smooth transition for students arriving in London. Pupils are offered an array of outstanding extra-curricular opportunities ranging from the arts and drama to sport and music. 

Students at all three ACS schools achieve great academic results.  School leavers go on to top global universities in the US, UK and around the world. 2022 saw several students awarded places at Cambridge University, the London School of Economics, University College London, Harvard, Princeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Pennsylvania State University, amongst others.   


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We work closely with international and expat families to ensure a smooth educational transition to life in the UK.  We are highly experienced in supporting families who are moving between different education systems and cultures. If you are considering American Schools in London, to allow your child to continue in the US education system, please contact us to book a consultation.