The Best Nurseries in Kensington, London


Your choice of school or nursery is an important decision If you are considering early years care, it’s vital to source the best. Experience has shown us that nursery choice is driven by the individual needs of our children. Yes, a harmonious environment and caring staff are a top priority. However, different London nurseries will suit different children. We recommend the best nurseries in Kensington, London.

The Kensington Kindergarten

The Kensington Kindergarten has 2 OFSTED outstanding nursery schools, located in the heart of Kensington. Both are ideally situated for families living in Kensington, Holland Park, Brook Green or Notting Hill.

Spacious and airy classrooms provide the children with ample room for all activities. The teachers at the Kensington Kindergarten will teach your offspring to love learning, and prepare them for big school.

The Maggie & Rose Nursery

Maggie & Rose is London’s first Family Members’ Club. It is situated on Pembroke Rd, Kensington, W8. The founders were inspired to create a beautiful creative space for children. The surroundings are also designed to appeal to grown-ups.

A typical day at one of the exclusive Maggie & Rose nurseries comprises learning through creative play, food and imagination.

For example, their Cook and Count classes teach mathematics through cooking. The ABS Art class teaches phonics through art. In addition, Maggie & Rose also provide other services such as helping to arrange birthday parties and advising parents. Great for busy families!

Pippa Pop-ins Nursery Schools

The Pippa Pop-ins nursery is located in the heart of Kensington, in Kensington Place, London W8. Pippa Pop-ins now have four family-owned nursery schools in London. All provide a wonderful start to education. The Pippa Pop-ins nursery children are taught to understand feelings, be kind, to respect one another and to develop academically. At the Kensington nursery, your child can take advantage of the small classes and enriching curriculum. The nursery has a created a magical play environment for your little ones.

At Pippa Pop-ins, children play, cook, paint, eat deliciously healthy food and generally have a whale of a time.

Strawberry Fields Nursery School

Strawberry Fields aims to bring out and encourage your child’s talents and passions. As well as supporting your child to excel, they also help them to feel valued, cared for and protected.

Located in Notting Hill, W11, this London nursery is a short walk for Kensington families. Highly sought-after for its holistic approach, parents are scrambling to get their kids into the Strawberry Fields Nursery School. We recommended that you register as early as possible.

The Willcocks Nursery School

Situated on Prince Consort Rd in South Kensington, the Willcocks Nursery fosters lifelong learning. It also encourages kindness, independence and personal discovery. The teachers at Willcocks help children prepare for prep school, encouraging them to learn, play, share and be themselves.

There is a parent portal on the Willcocks website which allows you to catch up on all the school and local community news. Also, you can message the teachers directly to discuss your child’s progress.

Redcliffe School

Redcliffe School has one of the best nurseries in Kensington, taking children from aged 2 years. Pupils display an appetite for learning and discovery. Individuality and independent thinking are actively encouraged. Furthermore, Redcliffe is renowned for its excellent pastoral care and personal development. There is a strong focus on traditional literacy and numeracy skills. Located in Redcliffe Gardens, SW10, the school will welcome your child right up until 11 years, in a fun and friendly environment where they will thrive and flourish.

We are experienced in helping families to find the best London nursery schools for their children. Spaces at popular London nurseries fill up fast. Many have waiting lists, so plan ahead, if possible. The London nursery you choose will depend on the specific needs and personality of your child. We will meet with you and your child to advise on the best nursery. We take care of all the paperwork, including application forms. Please contact us for expert advice and support with applications to nursery schools in London.