As parents of young children, it’s important that you source the best early years care. If you have initially opted for a nanny or an au pair to provide care in the home environment, you may consider enrolling your little one for some nursery hours to enable them to socialise. Alternatively, if you are working, and prefer a nursery to a nanny, top nursery provision will be a priority. If you are living in Chelsea, or close by, we have selected the best Chelsea nurseries to help you with your choice.

In Chelsea, there are several excellent nurseries, all of which offer different programmes, environments and outdoor activities for your son or daughter.

Chelsea Pre-Prep Nursery 

Chelsea Pre-Prep & Nursery offer an amazing opportunity for your children to develop through play and learning. Situated on Cathcart Road, in SW10, near Worlds End, this London nursery also has a pre-prep, so children can attend from 2- 6 years. The many activities offered include classes from The Chelsea Ballet School, Blueberry Music School, All Sorts Drama School and Little Kickers Sports. There is a superb outside garden with areas for sports, gardening, a sand pit and a garden pond. Inside, there are six individual classrooms and a performance stage.

These excellent facilities make Chelsea Pre-Prep & Nursery one of the top choices for many parents.

Home from Home

Home from Home, as its name suggests, fosters a harmonious, home-like environment. The Chelsea Home from Home nursery is located on the Cathcart Road, SW10. The Home from Home philosophy is to encourage children to learn and develop at their own pace. Home from Home, Chelsea, provides a nurturing environment to help children settle as easily as possible. Children can plant their own flowers, fruits and vegetables in the garden, whilst they learn all about nature and healthy eating.

Miss Daisy’s Nursery

Miss Daisy’s aim was to create a village nursery school within the heart of London. She wanted her nurseries to allowing children to be independent, teach them without pressure, and educate through play. The little students at Miss Daisy’s learn a kindness code.

One of five Miss Daisy’s in London, the Chelsea nursery is situated in Old Chelsea on Sydney Street. Its excellent facilities and carefully- selected staff, ensure that your child receives the best possible education and care.


Pippa Pop-ins Nursery Schools

For Chelsea parents, the Pippa Pop-ins nursery is located on the borders of Chelsea, on the Fulham Road. Pippa Pop-ins now have four family-owned nursery schools in the heart of London, all providing a wonderful start to education. The Pippa Pop-ins nursery children are taught to understand feelings, be kind, respect one another, and to develop academically and holistically. At the Chelsea nursery, your child can take advantage of the small classes and enriching curriculum. The nursery has a created a magical play environment for your little ones.

At Pippa Pop-ins, children play, cook, paint, eat deliciously healthy food, and generally have a whale of a time.


Ringrose Kindergarten

One of the best nurseries in Chelsea, Ringrose Kindergarten, is situated in the heart of old Chelsea, on St Luke’s Street. Ringrose Kindergarten look after and educate children from 2 3/4 to 5 years. Widely recognised for the thoroughness of ther teaching, this London nursery is of the traditional English style.

Ringrose Kindergarten consider themselves to be a school rather than a playgroup. This lets them focus on educating and preparing children for the next stage in their lives.

Tadpoles Nursery School

With over 40 years of experience Tadpoles Nursery is one of the leading nursery schools in the country.  It is located on Park Walk, towards Worlds End, off the lower end of the King’s Road in Chelsea. Tadpoles Nursery offer a wide variety of activities for your little one. These include yoga, music, specialist speech and language support, dance and football. Tadpoles even offer swimming lessons in their own heated indoor learner pool. There’s also a large playground and garden where children can run and play. They also grow their own vegetables. A lovely, supportive London nursery school.


We are experienced in helping families to find the best London nursery schools for their children. Spaces at popular London nurseries fill up fast, and many have waiting lists, so plan ahead, if possible. The London nursery you choose will depend on the specific needs and personality of your individual child. We will meet with you and your child to advise on the best nursery for them. We take care of all the paperwork, including application forms. Please contact us for expert advice and support with applications to nursery schools in London.


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