Radley College


Set in a beautiful self-contained 800-acre estate in prime Oxfordshire countryside, Radley is one of the few remaining all-boys, all-boarding schools in the country, with a balanced approach between traditional and modern education. The school is steeped in quirks and mannerisms, as might be seen at richly historied Harrow and Eton. Designed and based on the principles of oxford university around 15% of students win places at Oxbridge each year.

Radley has resisted adopting the IB and pre-u’s which seems to be a good idea with such good a level results year on year. Sport, both inter-school and inter-house, is a big thing at Radley and it’s no surprise that rugby tops the list. Rowing is popular in the warmer months and the school’s rowers often fare well at the Henley regatta. A diverse range of activities are on offer as may be expected of a full-boarding school.

The boys are encouraged to take part as much as they desire and to find something above and beyond the classroom that they feel passionate about, an admirable characteristic of the school, that puts the boys in good stead for future life.