Queen’s College, Harley Street

Queen's College

Queen’s College, on Harley Street, was the first school set up to educate women in serious academic subjects, other than embroidery and French conversation.  This serious academic approach characterises the modern day Queen’s College.

The head, Frances King, meets prospective parents visiting  on the steps of the school and this gesture speaks a thousand words, many of us dripping from the London downpour.  We love the fact that the art is outstanding.  Many girls go on to do a year’s art foundation course at some of the leading London art colleges, then going directly on to university the following year

Queens college takes both the academic and creative side of girls very seriously, encouraging them to go on to develop all their different talents to a high level.  We love this as this means that at queen’s, as girls are seen as being multi-talented, which they are.  We also love the fact that last year, Queen’s accommodated every girl in her chosen combination of GCSE choices.  At larger London girls’ school, this would not be possible.

Pastoral care is outstanding and it shows.  Girls are happy and purposeful and all pupils that we met said they loved their school.

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