Millfield House

The school stretches vastly over 100 acres of Somerset; with 1200 pupils split into nineteen boarding houses, it is not small. Yet the magnitude of the place allows for an extraordinary range of activities and exceptional facilities. Millfield is modern in all senses: buildings, education and philosophy. It takes students of all abilities and from the very beginning, teaches pupils to take responsibility for their studies and be proactive in all areas of school life.

Whilst not competitive in league tables, Millfield encourages all student to try their hardest and do the very best they can in exams. Sen here is second to none with individual development plans tailored to students with a range of needs.

Sport is huge at Millfield and the school proudly holds the reputation of being the best sporting school in England. Facilities include an athletics track, 50m swimming pool an equestrian centre to name but a few. Here sport is used as a tool for the development of leaders and individuals through the ‘Millfield pathway’ which advocates the coaching of the whole child (mind and body).
Pastoral care at the school is good although as one of the larger schools’ intimacy as lost and bonds with teachers and the whole peer group are not as tight as at other institutions.