How to study at home during Coronavirus: A guide for university students

Although some UK university learning has been online for some time, the Coronavirus outbreak has forced most university students to study at home and online. Here are some tips to help students study during this period.


Set up your own study area  

Try to mark out a work space for yourself. This may be tricky if you are sharing the house with your parents and other siblings. Even if your study space is temporary, negotiate an agreement for set times. Customise it with physical objects that help you to study.

Continue to socialise

You will miss your university social life, friends and academic staff. Do use online systems to interact and maintain contact. You need to keep a sense of your university community. Posting on online discussions boards and reading other students’ posts will help you stay connected. Arranging informal chats via Facebook, WhatsApp or Facetime will help stay in touch.

Ask for help

Many university students are missing access to the library and labs. Do contact your university if you don’t have access to the right equipment. The librarians will help you access publications and journals online. Most students are relying on their wifi or mobile data to connect to their online lessons .

Manage your time

Recognise that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be easier than reading a complex text and taking notes. Divide your work in to manageable time slots and take proper breaks.

Plan your day

If you set your self a routine, your study will be much easier to manage. Putting off watching recorded lectures until later can put you out of sync. Give your full attention to the recorded lecture – try not to squeeze it in whilst eating or scrolling through Instagram. If you’re tired or feeling out of sorts, wait until you feel more alert to focus on your academic work

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