French bi-lingual nurseries are highly sought-after in London. If you are relocating to London, have already relocated or are permanently resident here, you may not know which nursery school to send your child to. If you are interested in French bi-lingual nursery schools, there is a wide selection to choose from. French/English bilingual nurseries are attractive to both London’s French community and to other nationalities who would like their children to have a bi-lingual education. Take a look at our suggestions in Central London to see the options for your child:


The excellent Central London bi-lingual French/English nursery school options include:

Little EIFA (École Internationale Franco-Anglaise) nursery in Marylebone

Conveniently located in Marylebone, the welcoming little EIFA nursery takes children from 2 to 5 years old. The bilingual French-English curriculum includes Music, Reading, Physical Education and more. Children progress from the nursery to Junior EIFA or to other schools in the capital, such as the Lycée Charles de Gaulle or Winston Churchill.

L’École Jeannine Manuel in Bloomsbury

L’École Jeannine Manuel nursery admits children from 3 years and has 496 pupils throughout the school as a whole which educates children until 18 years old.   It is a French, bilingual and international school. It is unique in that it follows the French national curriculum except for its English, Science and Chinese programmes. Half the courses are in English, and the other half in French. Children progress from the nursery to the primary level of the school, or to other prep or primary schools in London. 

L’École Bilingue in Paddington

L’École Bilingue, centrally located in Paddington, welcomes children from 3 years old into the nursery. It is accredited by the AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger). Upon admission, parents agree to maintain their child’s level in French and English at home by a variety of means (babysitter, nanny, music, art…). L’École Bilingue takes pupils up until 10 years of age, after which pupils generally progress to French secondary schools in the capital such as EIFA, the Lycée Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill or l’École Jeannine Manuel.

Les Trois Oursons Nursery School in Paddington

One of the most weloming French bilingual nurseries, Les Trois Oursons admits children from as young as 10 months to 4 years old. It follows the gentle Montessori approach.  The nursery offers a bilingual education as well as an introduction to Mandarin. Children attending this nursery move either to French or British primary schools.

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