Francis Holland School NW1

Francis Holland

Francis Holland, regent’s park is a good London day school. At 450 students it is small enough that everyone knows everyone, and the teachers concentrate on getting results out of the girls. Small classes – especially at a level – are almost a USP here. Francis Holland girls are known for being relaxed and confident, and there is a strong sense that school should be fun as well as productive.

Despite not having any onsite facilities (apart from a swimming room) sport is taken seriously at Francis Holland. Aside from competing with other schools, frequent inter-form tournaments mean that each girl, regardless of ability, can play sport competitively. Most other outdoor activities take place on regent’s park, conveniently located right next to the school.

Art and music are excellent here, with over 60% of students taking private instrument or singing lessons, and compulsory music lessons given through years 8 to 11.