Eaton Square Senior School

The Eaton Square family of schools is perfect for any London parent looking for a focused, personalised, and nurturing education for their child. Eaton Square Senior School, in Mayfair, should certainly be on the shortlist for families looking for a co-educational, holistic school where their child will develop character, critical thinking and discover a lifelong love of sport,


The new Head of this Dukes School, Dr. Rainbow, has a strong belief in transforming lives and encourages students to challenge and question, and to become ‘creative change agents’.  Dr. Rainbow and his staff do not believe that children should be the best they can at all costs.  Instead, they believe children should ‘achieve what they can achieve’.  The school fosters a holistic approach with a strong sense of pastoral care and a keen focus on positive mental health.

Academic approach

This is not to say that Eaton Square Senior School isn’t academic; all staff are subject specialists.  As well as the core subjects of Maths, English, and Science, the school offers Practical Science, History, and Geography. Science in schools is often taught as one subject, especially at state schools – at Eaton Square Senior School they diversify into Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. For children with special education needs (SEN), Eaton Square Senior School has a strong SEN department that can provide children with the extra help that they need.  This is encouraging for families who are looking for an environment that will provide their children with individual support. 

Dr Rainbow’s vision is to cover the national curriculum and make it more relevant.  Classes are device-based and technology is pushed to make students ready for working life. There are currently 169 students at the school, with two classes of 18 students in each year group.  A separate site has recently opened for the sixth form.

For those families relocating to the UK, it will be reassuring to know that Eaton Square Senior School has a strong international community. There are 41 different cultures at the school and half of all students are from non-British backgrounds.


Sport is a key strength at Eaton Square Senior School.  The use of outstanding facilities outside of the building means that the school can offer sports outside of the usual core sports.  There is a multipurpose gym on site where the school offers sports such as table tennis, yoga, gymnastics, and boxing.  The adjacent Green Park and nearby Hyde Park are used for beach volleyball and the school’s annual cross-country event. 

The school’s main location for sports is at Beddington Gardens sports ground in Acton, just a short 30-35 minutes tube ride (students are accompanied on the journey).  Here, students have the opportunity to play sports with the years above and below so they get a rounded experience in cross-skill levels.  Football and netball are core sports.  Students also play hockey and rugby, and swimming will be introduced from September 2023. GCSE Physical Education (PE) has been taken by 14 students this year and the dynamic head of sport is looking to expand the sports offering, to develop squads and teams with other schools in the Dukes Education family. 

Overseas trips are part of the curriculum, including a sports and cultural tour to Miami, New York in 2023 and the opportunity for a ski trip.

The school day is 8.30 am until 4 pm, with clubs offered after school until 5 pm.  Whilst some may feel that this is a long day, homework is not given every night, affording students proper relaxation time in the evenings.

Admissions Policy

35-40% of the school intake is from Eaton Square Prep School.  Those wishing to have their child educated at Eaton Square Senior School may be interested to know that the application process does not include a Maths or English written exam.  This helps children to avoid the stressful 11+  or 13+ process undergone by the majority of London families.  The school uses data from existing CAT scores for entry which means that Eaton Square School is open to giving all children the opportunity to join their community and to benefit from an excellent all-round education. 

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We enjoy helping London families to find the right school for their children and our London school experts are always delighted to assist you. For supported entry into Eaton Square Senior School or other London schools, please contact us