Charter House School

Charterhouse is one of the original seven English public schools and is situated near to Godalming in Surrey. It was founded by Thomas Sutton in London in 1611 on the site of the old Carthusian monastery at Charterhouse Square, London, and moved to its present site in 1872.

The great emphasis at Charterhouse is on contributing: less academic students are encouraged to immerse themselves in sports for instance, while bad behaviour can be excused by general participation in school life. Opting out is not an option for Carthusians. All-rounders or arty types will benefit just as much from a Charterhouse education as the lab-bound straight A students.

There is a strong mix of students at Charterhouse and the presence of overseas pupils is not new. Charterhouse has a relationship with Hong Kong going back 200 years and has long valued its international reach and reputation.

The school is less than an hour away from London and Heathrow airport.