Overview of Montessori Education

Montessori schools offer a mode of education that is less formal, more child-led, and embracing of unconventional but progressive methods of teaching & learning. The approach has been gaining significant traction since it was founded in the early 20th century by Italian physician Maria Montessori. The Montessori approach has been replicated across the globe in …

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London Schools SEN Provision

For London parents whose children require additional special needs support within school, this blog will be useful. All London schools are obliged to set out a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy. Under these guidelines, schools must be able to demonstrate some form of reasonable adjustments that they apply to ensure that SEN children are not …

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Ashbourne College, London

For London and international families considering a private A-Level education for their child, Ashbourne College is a top-ranking institution that should certainly be on their shortlist.  A friendly and welcoming college nearby London’s prestigious Kensington Palace, Ashbourne College boasts 57% of exam results at A or A* and ranks in the top two colleges for …

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State boarding schools

Are private schools worth paying for?

The benefits of independence With smaller classes, longer school days, intensive tuition, and an abundance of extra-curricular opportunities, private education has long been viewed, in Britain, as a surefire way of ensuring a child’s success. The state sector, famously, has fewer such provisions: classes are larger, facilities older and state schools generally produce lower grade …

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Relocating? We discuss differences between the English and Scottish education systems

Context As England and Scotland are both nations within the United Kingdom, it is easy to assume – as many of our clients do – that they share an education system. However, education is actually a highly devolved area that differs quite significantly across the United Kingdom. In a previous post, we discussed how Cardiff’s …

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Progressive Schools

Educating the gifted child

We have worked with many families whose children have a high level of intelligence and are thus particularly gifted.  Hopefully, the guidance below will benefit you if you are seeking to educate your extremely bright child.  Challenging Learning Experiences Educating the gifted child often requires providing challenging learning experiences.  A gifted child may be defined …

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Private education system

The UK Private Education System: a Guide

The different terms used in the private education system in the UK can be confusing. Schools can be called public schools, private schools, independent schools, pre-prep, prep schools and sometimes private grammar schools. In this blog, we explain the private school system and the meanings behind these terms.    What is a public school?  The term “public” school is a little contradictory and different from “state” schools: public schools are old-established boarding secondary …

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