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A beginners guide to choosing a school in London

London is one of the world’s most exciting and sought-after cities. The British capital offers enviable opportunities, and culture. It attracts a hugely diverse set of people both domestically and internationally – most of whom, if staying, will at some point find themselves choosing a school in London. In this blog, we will break down […]

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Alleyn's School

Alleyn’s School

Founded in 1619, Alleyn’s is an academically selective school that has been fully co-educational for nearly 40 years, and sets high academic standards for all its pupils and recent results are the proof of the pudding. The school is known for its excellent pastoral care, and for encouraging pupils to engage in the widest possible

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Putney High

Putney High School

A high achieving London girls school battling for supremacy with places such as Godolphins and St Paul’s. It’s a highly competitive place to where only the top performers at primary level are encouraged to apply, and this momentum doesn’t diminish when inside. The school is always in the upper reaches of league tables at both

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Queens Gate

Queen’s Gate

Located in South Kensington, Queen’s Gate is one of the most international London schools. With over 50 nationalities and bilingual support in place the school can cater for anyone. It’s one of very few schools in the UK where students don’t wear uniform, though there is a dress code which is strictly upheld. Through this

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