When helping families relocate internationally, it is important that to consider the cultural needs needs of the whole family, including any school-age children.


The greater the understanding of the key cultural differences, the more successful the assignment is likely to be. We take great care to support both private and corporate clients to settle successfully in their new country. Tailored cultural programmes and language tuition help to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of the entire family.


Managing Workplace Differences

Negotiating unfamiliar workplace and office culture in a strange country can be scary. Let alone having to cope with a new language on top! Our cultural training ensures that you are familiar with:

  • Hierarchies within the workplace
  • Managing your new team, and the different cultures within this team
  • Employment law in your new country
  • The dos and don’t of workplace socialising

Becoming Familiar With Your New Country

The sights and sounds of your adopted country can seem daunting at first. To fit it and to feel at home, it helps to understand the customs, how to greet your new compatriots, the food culture and religion. Key aspects in your training may also include

  • Clothing traditions and what to wear
  • Sense of humour and how to avoid saying the wrong thing
  • Informal and slang language that you would not normally learn from a teacher

Ensuring Your Child Is Happy At School

It is often assumed that children are super adaptable to a relocation. This is not always the case. A sensitive child, especially one who is very settled in their home country, will find it hard to adapt. This is why familiarising your child with their new culture and school prior to your move is all-important. Issues to address with your child before their first school day include:

  • School uniform
  • Familiarisation with the school building. If a pre-visit is not possible, you can show your children brochures and the website
  • Playdates with classmates in the holiday prior to starting school. You can approach the school for contact details of parents in your child’s yeargroup. This will enable you to arrange a meet-up with other parents and their kids prior to school starting. If your child has met some of their fellow pupils, it will make their first day so much less stressful.

New job, new language, new country- a recipe for stress? Not if you are well-prepared. A well-executed cultural programme, designed around the needs of your and your dependents, will ensure a successful relocation.


Relocating? Please contact us to discuss bespoke cultural programmes, language support and school placements.