Alleyn’s School

Alleyn's School

Founded in 1619, Alleyn’s is an academically selective school that has been fully co-educational for nearly 40 years, and sets high academic standards for all its pupils and recent results are the proof of the pudding. The school is known for its excellent pastoral care, and for encouraging pupils to engage in the widest possible range of co-curricular activities. ‘liberal and arty’, high numbers go on to take music, art and drama at a level with fantastic results. Enviable sports facilities contribute to the ongoing success of school teams in football, hockey and water polo. The most recent inspection report comments that the quality of pupil’s personal development is outstanding by the time they leave and is a great strength of the school.

Situated near to Dulwich, South London, transport links to and from Alleyn’s are naturally excellent. The school is just over half an hour away from London city centre and rail links to Heathrow and Gatwick take around an hour.