A Level Results Day 2023

The A Level results day process of 2023 remains largely the same. On the 17th of August, schools and colleges will release grades based on teacher predictions (as well as other factors) and UCAS track will update, letting you know whether or not you have met the requirements for your desired course

How can you prepare?

  • Make sure that you’re around, as no one can speak on your behalf about your application unless you have given them nominated access
  • Keep your UCAS track sign in details to hand
  • Check how your school/college distributes results
  • If you are considering applying through Clearing, have a list of university courses and contact details on hand

What to expect on the day

  • Your university application status will update on UCAS track as early as 8 am
  • Depending on your results, you may get a place at either your firm or insurance choice
  • Your university or college may give you a ‘changed course offer’ which you can accept or decline
  • If you do not meet your firm or insurance offers, you can go through Clearing to see course vacancies


  • If you’re concerned about your results, it is a good idea to look into clearing before results day
  • This could include jotting down courses and universities that you’re interested in, along with their contact details
  • Some universities may conduct short interviews over the phone, so you might want to plan answers to some common interview questions
  • If you’re eligible for Clearing, ‘Add Clearing choice’ will appear on your UCAS track screen
  • UCAS will post live updates of the latest places available through Clearing


  • If your grades are better than you expected and you want to look at other courses, adjustment might be a good option for you
  • Adjustment allows you to hold your firm offer while you look at other course and university options
  • If you have exceeded your firm offer, a new tab labelled ‘Register for Adjustment’ will appear on your UCAS track screen
  • As there are no listings for adjustment, you will need to browse UCAS and call universities to enquire about places

Sitting exams in Autumn

  • If you are unhappy with your results, another option is to sit your A Levels in October (the deadline for registering is 4 September)
  • Art and design students will be given a task to complete under supervised conditions
  • The highest one between the predicted and exam grades will be your final result
  • Some universities may defer your entry to 2021 in order to give you a chance to meet your offer

Deferring your or rejecting your place

  • You may wish to defer or reject your offer in order to pursue a gap year, or to give you the time to look at other options
  • Often, universities will be happy to defer your place, though they might ask for a reason (travelling, volunteering, working etc.)
  • If the university does not agree to defer your place you will have to give up your place and reapply the next year
  • If you no longer want to go to university, you will have to contact the university at which you hold a place and ask them to release you from the offer

A Level Results day can be daunting. However, there are plenty of options for you to explore to achieve your goals.

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